Rogue Trader - Into the Black

Session 1

In which we meet the Negotiable Affection and a Zatarra!

Aestebaan – Rogue Trader
Xanatov “Anna” Siegmund – Void Master
Maximillia – Seneschal
Samenius – Explorator
Zatarra – Arch-Militant

NPCs Encountered:
Hesienborg – Tech-Priest

Session began with Aestebaan, Maximillia and Samenius arriving via shuttle from their transport ship to the docs of Port Wander, where they were then met by a slightly drunken Anna Siegmund, who delivered to Aestebaan a gene locked box.

When it was opened the box was found to contain several items, Navigational Charts to to a region of space in the Unbeholden Reaches that borders the Foundling Worlds. A copy of the warrant of trade marking Aestebaan as the Rogue Trader and Lord Captain of the Negotiable Affection. A deed for a residence on Fatimah in the Priam system. And finally a letter from Maximillia and Aestebaan’s great uncle, the Rogue Trader Antionio Esteves, who had held the warrant before Aestebaan’s “elevation” to the roll. This letter tells of the virtues of the Negotiable Affection, and details the family holdings on Fatimah, which is now theirs to do with as they please (as long as you don’t come back home any time this century.)

It was at this point that Samenius sent his servo-skull into the new ship to investigate the medicae bays for the tech-priest. The others then traveled to the ship themselves to investigate their new quarters and facilities. Shortly after the tech-priests servitors loaded his gear into the hold of the Affections, his servo-skull returned and beeped at him to notify something had been found in his new lab, something that may interest him. He then took off at high speed to investigate.

The others then took up to their own quarters, Aestebaan into the ‘modest’ accomadations of the Lord Captain, Maximillia into a ‘storage closet’ she appropriated, and Anna into the void-masters quarters.

After everyone had settled in a bit, and Aestebaan and Anna went to the Bridge, Maximillia went to join Samenius in his labs in search for more ‘medication.’ When she arrived it was revealed that the tech-priest had found a stasis chamber in the cold vault of his lab, and that it was currently occupied. Things rapidly escallated when its contents were revealed to be a naked woman whose only words were “I AM ZATARRA” as she threw, kicked, or punched at anyone that got near her. It was only with the intervention of Aestebaan and Anna, with the lord captain knocking the newly awakened woman unconscious, that things seemed to quiet down.



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