Aestebaan M Bison


Weapon Skill: 36
Ballistic Skill: 33
Strength: 28
Toughness: 41
Agility: 33
Intelligence: 44
Perception: 38
Willpower: 35
Fellowship: 64
Acrobatics (AG)
Awareness (PER) Basic
Barter (FEL) Trained
Blather (FEL) Trained
Carouse (T) Trained
Charm (FEL) +10
Chem-Use (INT)
Ciphers (Int)
Climb (S)
Command (FEL) +10
Commerce (FEL) Trained
Common Lore (Int) Imperium, Rogue Trader trained
Concealment (AG)
Contortionist (AG)
Deceive (FEL) Trained
Disguise (FEL)
Dodge (AG) Trained
Drive (AG)
Evaluate (INT) Trained
Forbidden Lore: -5
Gamble (INT) Trained
Inquiry (FEL) Trained
Interrogation (WP)
Intimidate (S) Trained
Invocation (WP)
Lip Reading (PER)
Literacy (INT) Trained
Logic (INT) Trained
Medicae (INT)
Navigation (INT)
Performer (FEL)
Pilot (AG)
Psyniscience (PER)
Scholastic Lore (INT) Astromancy: Trained
Scrutiny (PER) Basic
Search (PER) Basic
Secret Tongue (INT)
Security (AG)
Shadowring (AG)
Silent Move (AG)
Sleight of Hand (AG)
Speak Language (INT) High Goffic, Low Goffic: trained
Survival (INT)
Swim (S) Basic
Tech-Use (Int)
Tracking (INT)
Trade (INT)
Wrangling (INT)

Air of Authority (On a successful Command Test, Steve mayaffect a number of targets = to 1d10+FEL bonus. This has no effect on hostile targets and only works on NPCs.

Pistol Weapon (Universal)

Melee Weapon (Universal)

Renowned Warrant: Stve’s Warrant of Trade is fancy, and garners much respect. Steve gains +10 bonus to Interaction Skill Tests with those who understand the important of the Warrant.

Jaded: Steve has seen some shit. Outrageous events will not cause Steve Insanity Points or Fear Tests.

Iron Discipline: If his followers can see Steve, they may re-roll failed Willpower Tests made to resist Fear and Pinning. This can affect a number of targets = to the character’s willpower bonus, who must be under his command. PCs can benefit if he is official group leader. Further, if Steve leads a boarding action, he gains a +10 bonus to his Command tests.

Paranoia: Steve gains a +2 bonus to initiative and the GM may secretly test his perception to notice hidden checks.

Decadence: Steve does not pass out until he has failed a number of toughness tests equal to twice his Toughness bonus. (8) Further, he gains a +10 bonus to resist the effects of Addiction.

Chainsword (1d10+2) Type R Pen 2, Balanced, Ripping

Laspistol (1d10+2) Type E Pen 0 30m

Monosword (1d10) type I Pen 2

Fate Points: 3
Corruption: 3
Wounds 9
Insanity 0
Armor: 6 (all locations)



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