Rogue Trader - Into the Black Elevator Pitch

Some people are born with greatness, others have it thrust it upon them. Some people are given a big ass ship, kicked out of the Empire, and told not to come back till they’ve crushed a couple dozen xeno civilizations and looted their corpses.

You lot are unfortunately part of that later group. For whatever reason the only politically viable way to get you out of the way was a “promotion” that was just a disguise for exile. But now you are out in the unknown, with a Warrant of Trade granting you authority, and freedom to do as you wish. All you need to do deal with the other crazies out there, and you could win riches and power beyond the imagination of those small minded peers of the realm who sent you out into the black.

Welcome to the Koronus Expanse.

Game Notes:

As it says on the tin, this is a Rogue Trader game. Let me know if you need a copy of either the core book or Into the Storm the player’s guide.

The game will begin at Footfall, with the player characters in possession of an Ancient Map listing many possible points of conducting an Endeavor. Other possibilities though are characters getting involved with the rivalries of other Rogue Traders and forming their own, acting as pirates or privateers, and beginning Missionaries of the Imperial Creed. THE POWER IS YOURS (Captain Planet does not endorse the activities of the Imperium of Man.)

The current time slot for this game is every other Friday at 8pm, and going as long as I can make stuff up to keep the players entertained.

I will be attempting to run this game in a Sandbox format. To facilitate this, having overarching goals for the characters individually, and as a whole are needed. This can be as basic as Profit, or as detailed as Founding a Colony. If unsure what would constitute a good goal, please feel free to talk to me about it, and/or brainstorm with the other players. Rogue Trader is a game for big ideas and Epic Endeavours, so think big, think grandiose, think megalomaniacal.

As of right now no character careers listed in either the core rules or Into the Storm are barred from use in game. I will say that Astropaths while neat, seem to have difficulty with standard adventuring activities. If you would still like to play a psyker please let me know, and we can discuss your options.

In case you are unfamiliar with the term Sandbox in relation to tabletop rpgs. The general idea is that events are mostly player driven as opposed to a wizard handing you a quest. In essence the plot is what the players decide it to be, instead of the GM nudging them down a path. (This is all generalized nonsense really)

Rogue Trader - Into the Black Elevator Pitch

Rogue Trader - Into the Black BrokenWrld