Rogue Trader - Into the Black

Session 2

In which we enter the Warp

Aestebaan – Rogue Trader
Xanatov “Anna” Siegmund – Void Master
Maximillia – Seneschal
Samenius – Explorator
Zatarra – Arch-Militant

NPCs Encountered:
Ship’s Master Cerra

This session opened with discussion regarding Zatarra and her less then civilized ways, as well as puzzling over the word “Pater” that she managed to say. Aestebaan already though was making plans about following the map his Great Uncle had left him, following a route from Madari to Gaztane and finally Aintzane.

From there, Aestebaan went with Anna to his quarters, where they had a delightful conversation regarding economics, branding and drug trade. Maximillia on the other hand had to break Zatarra’s hand during a brief altercation, after which Samenius provided the unhinged woman more drugs to keep her under control.

Shortly there after the ship’s warning gong sounded their eminent translation into the warp, and the rogue trader and void-master made their way to the bridge to prepare. The seneschal’s presence was also requested.

All in all, things went very smoothly as the shift from real to immaterium was handled. The one exception to this was for those till outside Samenius’ lab. Briefly, over the vox systems was heard a strange man call out for a tranqgun, before gunfire was heard, then silence.



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